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University of Alabama campus
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855) image 30, undated 1849 (building fence at Athenaeum)
"William & Edward worked 7 days in making the garden fence of Prof. Garland, at the Athenaeum
The price of their labor is, at the rate of $45 a month, - $12.11 ½ "
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855) image 62, Jan 18, 1850 (building furniture for Sons of Temperance)
"William and Edward came to work on the furniture of the hall of the Sons of Temperance, University Division, on friday, at noon, January 18 [1850]. They were taken away by Prof. Garland, for some work at observatory, on thursday January 24th. See page 49. They were not taken away, but finished on Sat. afternoon. January 26 – making 7 ½ days. In all, two weeks, and 1 ½ days of actual work; - which, at the rate of $45 for 26 working days amounts to $23.36"
Isabel A. Pratt, wife of Horace S. Pratt (Professor of English Literature 1837-1840)
Receipt for payment from B. Manly, The University of Alabama, to Isabel A. Pratt, September 18, 1846
"Received from Dr. Manly forty five dollars as the hire of William and Edward for one Month"
Receipt for payment from B. Manly, The University of Alabama, to Isabel A. Pratt, July 18, 1846
"Received, Tuskaloosa July 18 1846 Manly, forty five dollars in full for one month's wages of Carpenter William and apprentice Edward to this date
Isabel A. Pratt"
John Wood Pratt (Professor of English Literature 1850-1865 and son of Horace S. and Isabel A. Pratt)
RG 005, Acc 19807808, Box 002 - Vouchers. Bills and Receipts 1860-1867, Folder 18 –University Vouchers: Bills and Receipts. 1865-1867

"Univ of Ala
To Jno. W. Pratt
To Hire of Edward for 1864 $350.00
Approved and ordered to be paid.
L. C. G.
Recd payt Jan. 4th 1865
Jno W. Pratt"
The University of Alabama
Judge Collier
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848) image 189, Nov 29, 1847
"William & Edward left the University to work for a few days for Judge Collier. We will take notice of the time thus employed & deduct from the time for which I am to pay."
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857) image 39, Dec 25, 1847
"William (Pratt) and Edward, carpenters, lost a fortnight working for Judge Collier; They also lost, for christmas, from friday night Dec 24th – to thursday morning Dec. 30th. A month’s wages will due be again on tuesday Jany 4 1848."
Contract Terms
$45 per month
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857) image 35, Aug 16, 1847
"Mrs. Pratt’s people, William, Edward, and Jim came to work on the college buildings. For William and Edward I am to pay $45 per month – for Jim at the rate of $1.00 a day"
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