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Mr. Whitfield

[Possibly H. S. Whitfield, professor of mathematics, years unknown, or Benjamin Whitfield, local resident who boarded students and enslaved individuals for the university.]
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848) image 40, Jan 21, 1843
"Mr. Whitfield’s man, Henry, came to plough up the campus with 2 horses & a large plough. It is to be done at a dollar an acre. The intention is to scatter the turf of Bermuda grass, and seed the whole lot with it."
The University of Alabama
Additional Records
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855) image 213, Jan 24, 1853 (accused by student of stealing money)
"Montague, a man unscrupulous of his own conduct, accuses Henry the servant of Mr. Whitfield, of stealing his money, and that of his room-mate, Winn. It seems that no persons but Winn Montague and Henry, knew where Winn kept his money. - Henry has maintained, amid many trials, the reputation of strictly honest man, longer than Montague has lived in the world.
I have cautioned him against assuming to punish or annoy Henry on his own mere suspicion or assumption – but to have the matter fairly investigated.
I wish it may be found out, who it is that takes so much money, from students"
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