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Basil Manly Diary II (1834-1846) image 100, Oct 9, 1836
"This morning at a quarter before two o’clock died our little girl Sabra of cholera. She was taken about half past seven on the last morning, and died in about 6 hours! Every thing was done & done promptly that human hands can do. Alas! How vain is the help of man! Death is above us. We had thought the disease had subsided – but the Lord has come on us when we looked not for him.
I brought her from N. C. with me. She is a family negro, daughter of Fagan & Sally – sister of Augustus – born Feb 1824."
Basil Manly (Second President of the University of Alabama 1837-1855)
C. J. Fiquet
Basil Manly Diary III (1834-1848) image 26, Jan 19, 1844 (Augustus beaten by students)
"This night, James M. Foster & Two others coming from town, (drinking) caught my man Augustus, near the observatory, & beat him with a stick, broke his head, & without provocation. Others not known. Foster denies drinking, confesses all the rest - & proceeds to vindicate himself. Sat morn Jan 20 waited until Tuesday morn 23 called before the Faculty, no apology, no reparation. Faculty suspended him. On his letter afterward received, he is re-instated Jan 25 Pays the Doctor’s bill, $1.00 and gives to the servt. $3.00"
Additional Records
Basil Manly Diary II (1834-1846) image 385, July 17, 1845 (accused of sexual assault)
"Augustus, my servant hired to Messrs. C. J Fiquet & Co has been detected in seeking sexual intercourse with a child not ten years old, also in disposing of some of Ficquets’ goods. He was whipped for both offences by the Marshall; and Fiquet will not allow him to work in his shop any more. He comes, this day, to work at my house. Fiquet is to find him work, and to all me the cost of his meals. And so he is to continue until the end of the year, unless I am able to sell him sooner.
I had long ago told him that as Mr. Fiquet is the only person here that can employ him, his keeping of Fiquet’s good opinion is the only condition of my owning him. I must now sell him: reluctant as I am to sell a family negro."
Basil Manly Diary II (1834-1846) image 388, Oct 25, 1845 (accused of throwing a brick bat through a window)
"Mr Fiquet has Augustus confined on a charge of throwing a brick bat through the window of his home about 8 o’clock. On investigation, it turned out that it is very improbable he could have done it, being on the road to the university at the time it was done. His hire to Mr. Fiquet ceases now – from this day."
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