40-45 when purchased by Manly
Birth Date
c. 1800
Freedom Status
Original Location
Charleston, S.C.
Living Location
President's Mansion, University of Alabama
Work Location
President's Mansion, University of Alabama
Property Value
$200 (or $210 in "Ala. Currency)"
Purchased from Jesse Latham
Basil Manly Diary II (1834-1846) image 379, May 20, 1845
"This day I went up to the house of Jesse Latham living near the 14 mile post, on the road heading to Centrevile by the residences of Rev. Wm. S. Musk, Hardy Clements, &c and purchased from him (Latham) a negro woman by name Nancy – of yellow complexion. She is now between 40 & 45 years of age. I wish her as a nurse for my younger children. The price was $200 in specie. I paid $210 in Ala. Currency – and am to adjust the actual rate of exchange as at this time, on some future day.
The woman was born in Charleston, was in the family of Col. Gadsden, when he was murdered in the streets of Charleston by two Irishmen, brothers, by the name of Martin & Michael Toohey. She was sold by his son, with a gang (Thos. N. Gadsden) the year of a remarkable eclipse of the sun (total) occurring on a Sunday afternoon.
She was taken to Morgan County, Georgia, & thence has gradually worked her way over to Ala. She was a nurse in the family of Capt. D. H. Brigham, Engineer & was takin by the Sheriff for his debts, & sold. A man named Howard, living in Fosters’ settlement, bought her. On his death, not long after, Latham his brother in law bought her; & took her over to Maples ville, or the neighborhood. The past winter, he moved to the place of his present residence. I know not how this purchase is to turn out."
Basil Manly (Second President of the University of Alabama 1837-1855)
William Miller
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857) image 79, Dec 21, 1848 (hired out to William Miller)
"My old woman, Nancy, went to Mr. William Miller’s last night, to be hired by the year; at 3 dollars a month; and he is to clothe her. The hire is to be reckoned from this day. - The understanding is that she is to have clothing of the value of $12 in the course of the year. - The old woman was brought home sick Sat. Afternoon April 21, 1849."
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