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University of Alabama campus and dormitories
Horace S. Pratt (Professor of English Literature 1837-1840) and Isabel A. Pratt
The University of Alabama; Frederick Barnard (Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy 1837-1854)
Basil Manly Diary II (1834-1846) image 181, Jan 8, 1840
"Col. Stone has not written therefore I engage two servants, Scipio and Peter from Prof. Pratt. He is to have $200 for each, & is to find them in clothes. And if the Board of Trustees do not pay the additional $100 the Faculty are to do it out of the money deposited for contingencies (servant hire, fuel &c) by the students, and subject to our control."
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848) image 157, May 26, 1847
"On Wednesday night, it appears, that Scipio, servt of Mrs Pratt, in the service of Prof Barnard, had a number of Students in the Prof’s yard for whom he was providing supper. The Professor threatened Scipio to whip him next morning. In the morning Scipio was not to be found."
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Basil Manly Blue Book (1842-1843) image 29, 28 Jan 1843
"Scipio & Sam had a subscription Ball at Barnards. Without my knowledge. Clements & Stansel, with others not known went there in a disguise after B had gone to bed. Scipio, resisting their wishes, was struck with a brick bat, and partly badly hurt. Had I known of this thing, the party should not have been held."
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