Birth Date
December 23, 1844
Basil Manly Diary II (1834-1846) image 372, Dec 23, 1844
"Our woman, Lydia, was delivered of a female child. She was delivered before the midwife came to her. This happened so with her last child. Named Fanny."
Death Date
c. 1857-1864
Basil Manly Diary VI (1858-1878) image 72, Feb 18, 1864
"I took this opportunity to send a boy, Samuel, to my daughter Sarah, & her husband Julius G. Smith. The servant, Fanny, which I had given them died before she could be of much use."
Freedom Status
Original Location
President's Mansion, Univeristy of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Child of
Work Location
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857) image 370, Oct 12, 1854 (Traveling with Sarah Manly to her father's home)
"My wife and servt Levi started to Lowndes county this morning. Father Rudulph is very low, and seems sinking gradually to his rest. - Time must show when my wife can return.
She returned Sat. Oct. 21. Her father, mother, and sister, (with servts Jim and Fanny) accompanying her."
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857) image 371, Feb 12, 1855 (Traveling with Sarah Manly to her father's home)
"Father, mother, sister, brother, - and two servants Jim and Fanny, started this morning for Lowndes co. Father had been ill, and had not yet ventured out. They set out about 10 ½ o’clock; and, by a letter from Burwill, they had got on comfortably as far as Frieson’s by 1 ½, -11 miles: and they were still proceeding further – to Carthage – or some place below."
Basil Manly (Second President of the University of Alabama 1837-1855) and Sarah Manly
Julius C. Smith
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857) image 427, Feb 7, 1857 (giving Fanny to his daughter and son-in-law)
"I have this day put my son in law Julius C. Smith and my daughter Sarah his wife in possession of one thousand dollars, also of a negro girl, named Fanny between 12 and 13 years old"
Stephen Hart
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857) image 136, March 25, 1850
"Young Mr. Hart came this morning and took Fanny on an understanding that he is to have her service for her victuals and clothes. - His name is Stephen, I think; he was married by me a year or two since to a young lady, by name of McCullough, sister of the wife of L. W. O’Nealle."
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857) image 190, Jan 20, 1851
"Stephen Hart, residing with his father, has my little girl Fanny – and her services are considered to be worth no more than her victuals, clothes, and lodges which he is to supply or pay – as the case may be"
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