Birth Date
c. 1817
Freedom Status
Living Location
"on the premises"
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857), image 57, undated, 1848 ("on the premises")
"Although provision was made by the Trustees, at the last session, to pay for the board of college servants, no part of the appropriation for that object has been drawn. Such arrangements have been made, that two of the servants, have earned their meals by their services at the table of Mr. Baird; with whom many of the students, were boarded. The allowance of $5 a month for board, has been given to Moses; whose wife and family are living on the premises, — and paid out of the fund for contingencies"
Boarded by self
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 155, Oct 11, 1847 (board himself)
"The President reported that he had provided for the board of the servant Arthur at Mr. Biard’s, in consideration of his services at meal times; and also for Sam at Mr. Townsend’s, on the same terms. Moses not being provided for, it was resolved that he be allowed five dollars a month, to board himself."
Order from M. Tuomey (Michael Tuomey) to Snow (Henry A. Snow) to provide for Moses, October 11, 1852
"Oct. 11th 1852
Mr. Snow will please pay Moses $5 from contingent fund for board.
M. Tuomey"
Boarded by Prof. Stafford
Invoice from S. M. Stafford to H. A. Snow, Treasurer, The University of Alabama, Aug 1, 1854 (boarded by Stafford)
"Mr. Snow: Pay the bearer, Moses, ten dollars due him for board during July & August & charge to me as Proctor, Aug 1 1854, S. M. Stafford."
Spouse of
Unnamed woman
Parent of
At least one unnamed daughter
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855), image 205, Oct/Nov 1852 (Moses child dying)
"It appears that Alfred S. James has been in disorder, & is suspected of being drunk on Sunday last; He has been doing nothing for a fortnight, under a determination to leave college. It is ordered that the President send for him, and advise him to leave forthwith, or he will be required to leave. If he says he has not funds, he must be required to take up his abode in town. - He was in Stafford’s back-yard carrying on Friday night - (while the child of Moses was dying) after a girl of Moses by whom he (or some one else) has had a child."
Work Location
The University of Alabama campus and dormitories
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848), image 72, March 16-17, 1846 (Repairing student vandalism)
"Moses was employed half the day Monday, & all day Tuesday in repairing what they done. [students damaged the roof of the Rotunda]
The cost of the window which was broken in Richardson’s recit. Room is three dollars – including glass putty and Moses’ work putting in."
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848), image 94, Oct 23, 1846 (repairing damage done by fire at Barnard's)
"Mr Boyle & Moses repaired the damage using the old shingles (selected) which had been taken from the college buildings.
Mr Barnard had been working on a hydraulic machine for bringing water up the hill – came in cold - & put some of the old shingles on the fire. From this cause, no doubt, the fire originated."
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848), image 95, Oct-Nov 1846 (setting fire grates for Prof. Brumby)
"Prof. Brumby has had the service of Moses in setting two fire grates, since Monday noon, Oct 26. A bushel of [96] lime and 101 good bricks were used also in the work. The time spent was Monday from noon – Tuesday all day; & Wednesday from 9 o’clock till night."
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855), image 130, May 21, 1851 (whitewashing Jefferson dormitory)
"Mr. Boyle and Moses began to color the Jefferson dormitory. We use one half the quarterly, by measure of common lime, as of hydraulic lime – and at the rate of 1/6th by meas. of copperas. To every six buckets of the hydraulic lime, (for making a good buff, or drab color) we add three buckets of common lime, and one bucket of copperas. The color may be rendered deeper or lighter by using less or more of the common lime"
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855), image 198, July 16, 1852
"Moses has been at work with Prof. Tuomey, all the work – since Wednesday, at least, cleaning up the cabinet, and his own cabinet at home. - He comes to work, monday morning, July 26 – under Boyle’s direction"
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855), image 246, Dec 5, 1853 (Moses to attend Laboratory building)
"Prof. Tuomey is to cause Arthur & Isaac to divide the dormitories between them – and Moses is to attend to the Laboratory building, and report himself to Prof. Tuomey for work at all times of day when not engaged in attending to Laboratory; till the end of this term."
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855), image 270, June 7, 1854 (Moses to carry water for Isaac)
"Isaac, the college servant has inguinal hernia on the right side. By Dr. Haywood’s direction, he is to have a truss – and Moses is to carry water to the dormitories for him."
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855), image 272, June 13, 1854 (Moses in charge of Lyceum and Jefferson buildings)
"Ordered that Arthur take charge of the Franklin and Washington buildings – that Moses and Isaac take the Lyceum and Jefferson buildings – and that they be employed under Prof. Stafford’s direction in white washing."
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857), image 89, May 29, 1849 (building a smokehouse for Manly)
"I have caused a vat to be constructed in my smokehouse for pickling meat. It is 10ft 6in long, 2 ft 7 in wide, and 3ft 2 in depth; making of cubic contents about 85 cubic feet. - If 50 lbs of pork be assumed as the weight contained in a cubic foot, it will hold about 4250 lbs of pork. - I used some of the cement which I had got for my colonnade, that had been burst and spilled, and was liable to waste.
Boyle and Moses did the work, and were employed in it about 4 days."
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 110, Nov 28, 1845 (repair dormitory grates)
"It was ordered that the servant Moses may be permitted to repair grates in the dormitories in his own time, and be paid for the work."
Carpenter, mason, gardener, plasterer, domestic
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848), image 4, undated (Tools belonging to the College in possession of Moses)
"1 Plasterer’s trowel
1 Mason’s trowel
1 Chizel
1 Grubbing hoe
1 socket spade
1 hand cart
1 hand saw
1 fore plane
1 wheel-barrow"
Task Performed
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857), image 67, Aug 1848-Mar 1849 (List of work done by Moses and Boyle)
"August 1-15 The men, Moses and Arthur, worked five days, in pulling my fodder.
Oct. 2 to Oct. 18 Boyle and Moses, engaged in plastering Prof. Brumby’s kitchen, and in the tutor’s rooms setting grates in the tutor’s rooms. Making a dredging machine for raking up shells from the bottom of the river – repairing out buildings at Prof. Tuomey’s so as to save the walls, fixing up potato house there, &c. &c.
The windows of the laboratory cellar were secured by substantial iron bars forming a strong grating.
Oct. 18 – 25 Boyle and Moses engaged in glazing, setting grates, &c., and other repairs at the Athenaeum, the residence of Prof. Garland – This to be deducted from the rate which may be paid before the house passes into the possession of the Trustees of the University.
Oct. 25 – 28 Boyle and Moses building up the wall of Prof. Stafford’s potato cellar.
Oct. 30 Boyle and Moses working at Professor Garland’s Athenaeum.
Nov. 1 – 30 Boyle and Moses working at the Athenaeum, making well-house and fixtures, repairing out buildings, fences &c.
Dec. 1 –5 Boyle and Moses at work at the observatory – under Prof Garland’s direction, making platforms and various fixtures.
Dec. 6-15 Boyle and Moses mending the tops of chimneys on the dormitories fixing lightning rods, setting grates &c.
Dec. 15-24 Boyle and Moses working for Prof. Brumby to compensate him for hauling sand, water &c during the summer vacation, for plastering the buildings.
Dec. 26-31 B. and M. assisting Prof. Garland to clean repair and adjust the Philosophical apparatus.

Jan 1-13 B. and M. setting grates and working on Electric Telegraphic fixtures, black boards &c.
Jan 15-16 B. and Moses preparing to plant trees – making a table for recitation room of Prof. Garland, and some fixtures in recitation room of Prof. Dockery.
Jan 17 Boyle making a table for recitation room of Prof. Garland – Moses, abt Tues
Jan 18 Boyle and Moses abt, filled in campuses digging holes, and guarding against fire.
Jan 19 Burning sedse off the campus – 20 – setting grates in my recitation room
Jan 20-31 Planting out trees, in the campus: - until Feb. 16.
Feb. 16-24 Boyle at work in laboratory and cabinet – making flue to conduct away gases – painting, making and painting canvas, blocks for minerals, bellows for reducing ores, &c. - Moses boxing trees, and fixing out hedges of the her rose
To Mar. 8 Boyle working in laboratory and cabinet. Moses in dormitory – Arthur being sick.
Mar 8 to 10 Boyle and Moses working on my fence.
Mar 12 to 13 Boyle and Moses working at the Magnetic observatory"
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857), image 68, Mar-June 1849 (List of work done by Moses and Boyle)
"Mar 14, 15 Painting in the cabinet and laboratory 16 repairing fences around officers’ dwellings
Mar 17- 25 Repairing fences about the officers’ dwellings – Boyle
Mar 20-25 Moses attending to the business of Sam; who is sick of the jaundice
Mar 26-30 Boyle repairing fences about the officers’ dwellings
Mar 26 – 31 Moses attending to Sam’s business, who is still sick; of jaundice.
Apr 2 – 16 Boyle and the three men engaged about miscellaneous work; puddling around the laboratory, mending gates and fences, removing rubbish, white-washing mending and enlarging blackboards, shelves in cabinet, scouring the rooms in the dormitories, — &c.
Apr 16 – 17 Boyle and hired hands about the same kind of work. Sam has been sick of the jaundice since the last week of the last term. - Moses attending to Sam’s business.
Apr 20 Boyle and Moses preparing to set and setting a cooking range for Prof Tuomey – This is in payment for the use of his hours, occasionally, last summer. Hinderd and stopped
Apr 28, 30 Boyle and Moses working on the lightening rod of the Rotunda and fixing the windows of the Portico, so that no one can get out at them. Also working at the pavement of the Portico, in front of the laboratory.
May 1,2 Boyle, Moses and hired hands finished working about the laboratory; - paving around the foundation, and re-setting the floor of the portico. - &c.
May 3, 4 Boyle fitting up clock in observatory, and preparing the Room No. 6 for optical experiments
Moses, clearing out the cellar of the laboratory, and digging Port Holes for front fence of the campus, opposite the dwellings of the officers.
May 5 Boyle setting a grate and cooking range for Prof. Tuomey – Moses digging holes &c.
May 7, 8, 9 Boyle sick; Moses, digging holes, clearing out cellar of laboratory, &c.
May 10, 11 Boyle and Moses setting Prof. Tuomey’s cooking range, till dinner time of 11th.
May 12 – 18 Boyle and Moses making solder and fixing lightning rod on Rotunda: screwing in the iron bars provided as a security against getting out of them on the roof of the verandah and thus into the library room, on the dome &c &c - The library has been constantly entered this spring; books misplaced, possibly taken away. - This is to prevent that.
May 19, 21, 22, 23, 24 Fixing sprout, trough, shelves &c, in laboratory; and place of discharge outside – Plastering Barnard’s house – ceiling of 2 rooms fallen, or taken down – plastering under the stairway of Rotunda &c.
May 25, 26, 28, 29 Boyle and Moses making a vat in my smoke house for curing meat.
May 30, 31 Boyle and Moses putting on the 2nd coat of plaster at Prof. Barnard’s house: mending plastering of Rotunda, &c.
June 12 –17 Boyle working on the optical apparatus – Moses making preparation to commence whitewashing the Rotunda, &c. - whitewashing Rotunda &c.
June 17-30 [Also appears July 1-17] Coloring the Washington building, whitewashing fences, preparing for the commencement – and setting things to rights after commencement."
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857), image 116, July -Oct 1849 (Work completed by Boyle and Moses)
"July 18-26 Boyle and 3 servants working at Tuomey’s, making potato cellar, mending certain breaches in brick-work of out buildings, &c., - and bell handing.
27 – Aug to Oct 1 Boyle and 3 servants whitewashing, plastering, and scouring the dormitories and the laboratory building. In this time Boyle and Moses took about three days to finish plastering and otherwise arranging a vat for the pickling of my meats. Setting grates, and painting window blinds of all the dormitories and of Stafford’s dining room.
Oct 1 to 13 Boyle and Moses making frames and fixtures in the laboratory for darkening the room at pleasure; and for other purposes.
Oct. 13 – 24 Boyle and Moses taking the waste coal out of the cellars of the dormitories, sifting the dust out of it, and preparing it for use. - In this time Boyle mended the hand cart belonging to university, made scuttle and mended plastering in Prof. Barnard’s dwelling, and made a set of pigeon holes for the arrangement and keeping of my papers. - Also, made a new cart body, for the hand cart belonging to the college."
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848), image 93, Oct 21. 1846 (Putting out fire at Barnard's home)
"The dwelling occupied by Mr. Barnard took fire this day before 2 o’clock no doubt from a spark from Mr. Barnard’s chimney. When first discovered by Mr. Jones, a student, it was blazing up considerably. Mr Boyle was glazing the windows, at the time, of the Dormitories. Not knowing of the scuttle on the roof, he rushed through the flames by the aperture in the roof which they had made. He was followed by the college servant [94] Moses. The students all ran with their buckets of water – and in a very short time the fire was extinguished."
Property Value
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848), image 39, Jan 16, 1845
"Moses, was bought for the University from J. E. Rial for $600 – Jan 1 1845. He is now between 28 & 30 years of age."
Bill of sale from J. E. Rial to Board of Trustees at The University of Alabama, Jan 3, 1845
"In consideration of the sum of seven hundred dollars to me in hand paid, I do hereby bargain and sell to the Trustees of the University of Alabama, a negro man, named Moses, aged about twenty eight years: which said negro I warrant to be sound and healthy and a slave for life; and do hereby undertake to defend the title to him to the Trustees &c. Given under my hand and seal, this third day of January 1845.
Signed, sealed and delivered
In presence of
Henry W. Collier J. E. Rial

The State of Alabama Personally appeared before one Moses Tuscaloosa County MGuire clerk of the county court for said county. J. E. Rial who acknowledged that he signed sealed and delivered the forgoing Instrument of writing, on the day of the date thereof. To the Trustees of the university of Alabama, for the purposes therein expressed. Given under my hand and seal this seventh day of January A. D. 1845. Moses MGuire Clerk
Filed for Registration on the seventh day of January A. D. 1845 & recorded in Book 11 pages 252 & 253
Moses MGuire Clerk"
The University sold Moses to Prof. S. M. Stafford c.1855 for $500.
RG 010, Acc 20061831, Box 001, President's Reports 1838-1864, Garland's Third Annual Report, 1858

“Sale of Moses:
Some years ago, you directed the sale of the servant Moses, who had become unfitted for his duties. The sale was effected during the present year to S.M. Stafford [esquire?] for the sum of $500. It is necessary to his [?] that you confirm the sale.”
The University of Alabama
Works with
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857), image 85, Mar 8, 1849 (Moses to work in Arthur's place)
"Arthur has lost 6 days and a half of time – during which he was sick and absent, and Moses had to work in his place"
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848), image 67, Feb 15, 1846 (struck by Robinson)
"Robinson struck Moses with his crutch – He pretended to be much hurt on the arm though Robinson has but one arm – and could use but one foot, and fell in attempting to throw his crutch – Moses was no doubt impudent; & I shall chastise him. So I did, sufficiently"
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848), image 74, undated 1846 (allegedly whipped Mr. Barnett)
"On returning home from Columbus, Miss, I found that Moses had been impudent to Mr Barnett, had resisted him, snatched his whip out of his hand, and run off with it. I caused him to be well whipped in my presence, by Mr. Barnett, on Wed 22nd April."
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855), image 87, June 1850 (students violence in Moses' yard)
"On Sat night [22nd June?] between 12 & 1 o’clock, a party of students went into the yard of Moses, & took his fowls, & made some show of violence. One was very drunk. Afterward, however, the chickens were restored.
The party consisted of Bugbee, Chapman, Glassell, Peck, Pharr, Wynne; and they were attended by Barnard’s servant, Morgan."
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855), image 159-160, Dec 12, 1851 (Moses beaten by Walthall and others)
"The faculty met this day, all present but Prof. Stafford, - who has been quite sick. After considering the subject of the outrage on Moses, it was concluded [160] that as there is violent presumption that the beating of Moses was instigated by Wilson Walthall, - and as it is certain that he might have prevented it if he would, the faculty advise that after making it known that Moses had no agency whatever in giving me information of the stealing of the turkeys – and that the faculty will take due action in due time, in regard to those concerned in whipping him, - I should send for Walthall, and advise him to go home – that it is useless to hope he will be permitted to remain. - The present idea of the faculty is to announce, on the morning of the dismissing students that those concerned in that outrage will not be permitted to remain. - The present idea of the faculty is to announce, on the morning of the dismissing students that those concerning in that outrage will not be permitted to resume business next term, - and need not return.
Walthall came into my room without being sent for; and I told him plainly that there is no chance for his remaining here, and that the sooner he is off – the better for him. He pleaded that he had had no share in whipping Moses &c &c - My reply was that nothing could satisfy the faculty that he might not have prevented the injury, - if he had tried, - we hold him responsible.

The first attack was made on Moses in the room occupied by Fosters, Wilkinson, and Woolley. - Those whom Moses reports as specially engaged in it, are the two Walthalls, especially R.B. - Robert Cochran, Foster and Webb. He says that nearly every one in the building was there; and many aiding and abetting. - Wilson Walthall says what must be false that he was in his room and did not know of it till it was over. The strokes of the whip were sufficiently loud to rouse the occupants of the buildings across the campus.

Henry, the tutor, was in his room, heard the noise, knew they were whipping somebody – understood that it was Moses – but stirred not."
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855), image 161, Dec 16, 1851 (Moses statement about his beating)
"The history of the beating, as given by Moses is this; -
Early on Thursday evening, Luke Whitfield went to his house, to get a handkerchief washed, and to call him over to Jeff. to brush his boots, pretending that he was going to a party. - When he was done that, G. W. Foster called him into his room, 3 Jeff. to brush his boots, for a similar reason. While so engaged in Foster’s room, there was a great deal of whispering in the company that was in the room. Foster, at length, stepped out, - and Robert H. Cochran came in with a rope, directing Moses to cross his hands. Moses asked what for, - R. B. Walthall then stuck him with a stick – S. V. Webb came to their assistance. At this moment, the lights were blown out; and they beat him with sticks, & otherwise maltreated him; - Then they tied him a& brought him down into the campus before the building, - and there he was whipped by Dick Walthall and by Robert Cochran. Although he was blindfolded, before he was whipped, he knew by their voices, and by the students around calling their names and encouraging them, who it was that inflicted the blows.
(Tutor Henry heard it all – and thought the blows were about 50)
G. G. Johnson, at length began to cry, and told them to quit. - Then the matter ended – and Moses came directly to me."
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 97, March 25, 1845 (Safford stabs Moses)
"This meeting was called to consider a case of injury done to the college servant Moses, by Saffold, of the senior class, by piercing his arm with a table fork, in the common’s hall.
The faculty after consideration, adopted the following resolutions:
Resolved, that B. F. Saffold, for wounding one of the college servants with a table fork, be admonished before the faculty, by the president; that he be required to pay all doctor’s bills incident to the hurt, and also for the loss of the servant’s time; that should the servant be injured permanently, he be held accountable to the University for all damages.
Resolved that the president be requested to speak to the students on the subject; and to say distinctly , that an act of this kind, even in a single instance, cannot be allowed."
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 99, April 26, 1845 (Safford to pay doctor's bill and for loss of Moses' time)
"Saffold of the senior class, in consequence of the injury done by him to the servant Moses, was required to pay four dollars for the lost time of the servant, and also the bill of the physician who attended – the receipt for said bill to be shown to the president."
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 116, Feb 16, 1846 (Moses struck by Robinson)
"This meeting was called, in consequence of an injury done to the college servant, Moses, by a blow given by Robinson of the sophomore class, with a crutch. Robinson was offended, because the servant declined to go to the Hall for him, for food, a second time, alleging that his business would not allow him. The servant was disabled in the right arm by the blow, so that it was necessary to obtain some one to discharge his duties. The President was authorized to hire another servant, at Robinson’s expense, and requested to hear the story of Robinson."
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 231, Dec 12, 1851 (Moses beaten by Walthall)
"The president informed the faculty that he had, on yesterday, sent for W. J. Wallhall, and spoken with him, concurring the killing of the turkeys on Sunday, last — and that, in the course of the interview, he had admitted his participation therein. The pres. Further informed the faculty that on last night, a number of the students had seized and severly beaten Moses, the college servant, in front of the Jefferson building – and that he had been informed by Moses that these students had been preminently engaged in the affair, viz: Rd Wallhall, Webb, Ro Cockran, & G. W. Foster. Definite action is deferred for the present. But the president is requested, tomorrow morning, at prayers, to inform the students that the faculty have the matter under consideration, and that prompt and efficient action will be taken in regard thereto.
But the fact (which is generally understood to exist) that Moses was beaten because of a suspicion that he had given information concerning the stealing of turkeys on Sunday last, raises so violent a presumption that Wallhall was directly or indirectly the prompter in the beating, that when taken in connection with Wallhall's general conduct as a student, the faculty, without in any manner deciding the question now before them, request the pres. to advise Wallhall privately to leave the University, rather than allow his whole case to before the faculty for final decision."
Medical attention
Receipt for payment from University of Alabama to R. Haywood, February 16, 1846
"1845 University of Alabama to R. Haywood
January 20. To visit bleeding and medicine for Moses $3
21. To [ditto] and medicine $2
22. To [ditto] cuping brest and medicine $3
23. To [ditto] $2
August 12. To visit and bleeding [ditto] in NorthPort $3
13. To visit [ditto] and medicine [page torn]
14. To prescription [ditto] and medicine [page torn]
23. To visit and medicine [ditto] in North Port $3
25. To prescription [ditto] $1
Oct 18. To bleeding and prescription Moses $2
[Total] $23
Rec'd Feby. 16. 1846, the amount of the bill above rendered, of Dr. B. Manly.
R. Haywood"
Additional Records
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855), image 107, Jan 13, 1851 (Moses accused of drinking alcohol)
"There appears reason to think that Moses continues to drink daily. I have this day talked to him very plainly, and told him that he shall be sold if he does not lean it off."
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855), image 199, Oct 2, 1852 (Moses prohibited from giving students' meals)
"The procuring of meals to be furnished by Moses, or any other negro in that way, is absolutely interdicted"
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855), image 207, Dec 6, 1852 (Moses sees Lowe steal a turkey)
"On friday night last, Moses tells me that he saw Lowe take down a turkey from its roost in his yard – that he traced him to his room, and distinctly ascertained that it was he – that, soon after, he saw Prof. Stafford’s man, Archy, go to the room that Lowe and another student walked with him across the campus toward town, telling him that he must bring the turkey, properly dressed to his room on Sat. night at half nine, - Archy swearing that he would do it. It was too dark to see whether he was then in possession of the turkey. The supper was had on sat. night."
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855), image 218, Feb 21, 1853 (Blankets given to Moses)
"Ordered that a pair of blankets be given to Moses"
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 117, Feb 20, 1846 (Robinson to pay for hire of Moses' replacement and medical bill)
"To avoid difficulties in regard to servants, it was resolved that students shall not be permitted to send the college servants for meals to the hall, in cases of sickness, and that the servants shall not be required to render special duties of any kind.
Ordered that Robinson be required to pay one dollar and a half, the amount expended for servant hire, in place of Moses, in consequence of the injury done him by Robinson, and that the faculty take no further order in the case."
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 267, Oct 2, 1852 (Students not to take meals with Moses)
"The taking of meals with the college servant Moses or any other servant is positively prohibited to the students"
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 281, Dec 21, 1853 (Money for Moses' blankets)
"Ordered that sufficient money be drawn from the contingent fund to purchase two blankets for the servant Moses."
Order from M. Tuomey (Michael Tuomey) to Snow (Henry A. Snow) to provide for Moses, July 25, 1853
"Mr. Snow will please let bearer Moses have one dollar, and charge servant's hire
July 25th/53 M. Tuomey"
Order from M. Tuomey (Michael Tuomey) to Snow (Henry A. Snow) to provide for Moses, October 1, 1853
"Oct. 1st 1853 - Mr. Snow will let Moses have ten dollars ($10) to [unreadable].
M. Tuomey"
Order from M. Tuomey (Michael Tuomey) to Henry A. Snow to provide for Moses, November 11, 1853
"Mr. Snow will please let bearer Moses have five dollars.
Charge servants hire
M. Tuomey
Nov. 11/53
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