Birth Date
October 6, 1853
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857) image 333, Oct 6, 1853
"Thurs. morn. about half past one o’clock, Oct 6th my woman Mary had a son born – doing well. The child is named Oliver"
Freedom Status
Enslaved until the end of the Civil War when he made an arrangement with Manly to continue to work on his plantation
Basil Manly Diary VI (1858-1878) image 83, June 20, 1865
"This day, at the plantation made an arrangement with my negroes to work on my place, being declared freedmen & freedwomen, by the Yankees. The arrangement includes my house – servants at home. They are to have the productions of ten average acres of corn. The following is a copy of the contract, and the names of the signers.
“We, the undersigned, declared “freedmen & freedwomen’” by the U.S. military authorities, and residing on the plantation of B. Manly, near Foster’s ferry, Tusk. Co. Ala do hereby agree to continue to work on the said plantation, under the direction of said Manly or his agent; to use due diligence during the customary number of hours, daily; to take care of all the stock, implements, or other property on the place or committed to us severally; and to act faithfully as laborers and employees on said plantation in all respects, until the close of the present year, on pain of being dismissed there from by said Manly or his legal representative by his desire. And we do also hereby agree to receive as full compensation for said services, the food, clothing, house-room, fuel and medical attendance in actual sickness, of ourselves and families; and further, that we receive the productions of a lot of ten (10) acres of land, to be selected as an average of the crop of corn; to be divided raticebly among us at the close of the year.
As witness of our freely & voluntarily agreeing here unto we have affirmed our mark opposite to our names, to this paper, before witnesses, at the said plantation, this 20th day of June, A.D. 1865.
Winter, Wood, Peter, William, Archy, Andrew, George, Robert, Alick, John, Henderson, Edmond, Oliver, Levi, Judy, Rose, Patsey, Martha, Sabra, Rebecca, Priscilla, Lydia, Binkey, Ann, Old Sabra, Julia, Morris, Arthur

U, B. Manly as named in the preceding instrument, do hereby express my agreement to employ the persons whose names are thereunto attached, according to the terms thereof.
Given, under my hand, the day & date before written.
B. Manly"
Leaves Manly permanently along with 23 other recently freed people
Basil Manly Diary VI (1858-1878) image 85, Sept 2, 1865
"I have ascertained that 24 of my negroes have left me, & taken their freedom, under the late military order of the U.S. Authorities – viz. Mary & her family, Binkey & her three children (Elizabeth, Julia Ann, & Larrey), Arthur, Oliver, & John. William, his wife Sabra, & their two children (Alice & Margaret). Archy or Tom & his wife Priscilla, & their two children, (Richard & Willis). Rebecca & her two children (Somerset & Dennis) Andrew (father of Binkey’s children) Alick (Alexander) & Ann. = 22 Patsey, Henderson (son of Patesey) = 24 to this date."
Original Location
Living Location
Manly's Tuscaloosa plantation
Child of
Basil Manly (Second President of the University of Alabama 1837-1855)
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