Peter Madary


Peter Madary
Alternate Name
Peter Pratt
Birth Date
Death Date
March 30, 1892
Peter Probate Court Record, 1892
Burial Location
Evergreen Cemetary, Tuscaloosa, AL
Freedom Status
Enslaved until freedom at the end of the Civil War
Living Location
Boarded in Steward's Hall (present day Gorgas House)
Basil Manly Diary II (1834-1846) image 297, 5th Annual Report, 1842
"Some difficulty was experiences at the commencement of the college year, in regard to the Board of the College Servants. The steward refused to do it without compensation; for which he considered himself justifiable, inasmuch as he had given the Board notice to that effect previous to his last election. In this emergency, the Resident Trustee, the late Dr. Somerville, was appealed to; who, in presence of the undersigned, stated to the Steward that while had no authority to commit the Trustees, or to contract a debt in their name, he would agree to recommend to them the payment of $50 on account of boarding each of the 3 college servants during the year. On this assurance, and on the Faculty agreeing to place the three servants entirely at the disposal of the steward during all vacations, he was satisfied and has furnished the servants meals as heretofore. The bill of the steward for $150.00 [298] founded on the verbal understanding above mentioned, is herewith forwarded, to be paid or not, at your discretion."
Spouse of
Betsy (enslaved by C.J. and Mary Ann Fiquet)
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848) image 58, July 25, 1845
"I kept Peter on Friday, for college purposes; also I gave him leave to go to Windham’s Springs to see his wife, who is in the neighborhood of that place with her mistress, Mrs Fiquet. He wd lose Saturday & Monday. In all 3 working days."
Parent of
Peter Jr., Ellen, Susan, Cornelia, Coleman, Dudley, and Rosa (enslaved by C.J. and Mary Ann Fiquet)
Jordan (born free)
Work Location
The University of Alabama campus and dormitories
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848) image 39, Jan 16, 1845
"Peter servt of Mrs Pratt was hired to wait on the dormitories for a year, at the same rate and with the same limitation or exception"
Horace S. Pratt (Professor of English Literature 1837-1840) and Isabel A. Pratt
Order to submit payment from The University of Alabama to Miss Drysdale and Mrs. Pratt, December 1842
"Be it ordained by the Trustees of the University of Alabama; that the sum of one hundred and twenty one 97/100 be appropriated to pay Miss Drysdale for the hire of her servant William during the past year; and that the sum of eighty two 62/100 dollars be appropriated to pay Mrs. Pratt for the hire of her servant Peter during the past year."
The University of Alabama; James C. Dockery (Professor of Modern Languages and Literature 1842-1850)
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 4, Jan 17, 1842
"The management of the College servants for the year [5] was committed to Messeres Brumby, Stafford, and Dockery; Mr. Brumby to have the direction of Sam, Mr. Stafford of William, and Mr. Dockery of Peter."
Capt. Richardson
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848) image 55, July 7, 1845
“Mon. July 7. at dinner time, Peter went to work for Capt. Richardson, at $10 a month”
Contract Terms
Basil Manly Diary II (1834-1846) image 181, Jan 8, 1840
"Col. Stone has not written therefore I engage two servants, Scipio and Peter from Prof. Pratt. He is to have $200 for each, & is to find them in clothes. And if the Board of Trustees do not pay the additional $100 the Faculty are to do it out of the money deposited for contingencies (servant hire, fuel &c) by the students, and subject to our control."
Basil Manly Diary II (1834-1846) image 268, Fourth Annual Report 1841
"Two servants have been obtained, one from Mrs Pratt & one from Miss Drysdale, at the assingate expense of $300; vis Peter, from Mrs Pratt at $137.50; and William from Miss Drysdale at $162.50."
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 3, 1838-1841, image 127, Jan 1, 1841
"The faculty agreed to take for the present year the two following named man servants, to attend on the colleges: William, belonging to Miss Mary Drysdale, and Peter, belonging to the estate of the late Professor Pratt, the rates to be determined after the ordinary rates of hire for this year shall have been estimated. "
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 3, 1848-1841, image 141, Feb 12, 1841
"After the regular business was over, the President exhibited a draft of the contract he proposed to enter into, in regard to the college servants for the 1841. The agreement proposed to give Mrs. Pratt for Peter $137.50 and to Miss Drysdale for William $162.50. The owners severally furnishing them in clothes. To this the faculty agreed and thought the proportion of price equitable in agreement in as much as the servant of Miss Drysdale is a carpenter and may be useful to the university in that way. "
Basil Manly Diary II (1834-1846) image 297, Fifth Annual Report, 1842
"Two servants have been hired for the service of the Dormitories; the same that were employed last year, recd at the same rates: i.e. $162.50 for William and $137.50 for Peter. The hire for the first quarter was paid out of the contingent fund in the hands of the Faculty. When the second quarter’s hire became due, it was apparent that, after procuring the requisite amt of fuel for the winter, the contingent fund could not pay the residue of the hire. To Miss Mary Drysdale, therefore, is due $127.87 and to Mrs. Pratt $103.12"
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 5, Jan 28, 1842
"The servants last year employed about the dormitories have been hired for the present year, at the rates before paid – namely $137.50, for the services of Peter, and $162.50 for those of William, from the 1st Jan. 1842, till the 1st Jan. 1843"
Receipt for payment from B. Manly, The University of Alabama, to Isabel A. Pratt, April 1, 1842
"Received Tuskaloosa April 2 1842 of Basil Manly thirty four dollars and thirty seven cents in full for hire of servant man, Peter, at the University for the first quarter of the current year"
Receipt for eight days of Peter's labor, 1853
Received, Tuskaloosa July 19, 1853 of B. Manly, six dollars in full for eight days' work; whitewashing the campus fence, and bringing water to Rotunda during the public exercises.

Peter Pratt [signed with mark]
Witness A. P. Hogan"
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