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Boarded with Benjamin Whitfield in Feburary 1839
Receipt for payment from The University of Alabama to Benjamin Whitfield, March 30, 1839
"1839 University to Benjamin Whitfield Dr
February 8th. To 2 brooms for college servants .75
[ditto] 12. To bord of Francis 21 days at 40cts pr. day 8.40
March 8th. To 1 coulter plow 1.00
[ditto] 11. To 1 dozen panes of glass 8 by 10 1.00
[ditto] 6 pounds of putty .62 [unreadable]
[ditto] 12. To 1 ditching shovel .75
[ditto] 1 large wreding hoe .50
[ditto] 1 spade 1.00
[ditto] 29. To 1 box of glass 12 by 14 6.00
[ditto] 6 pounds of puly at a bit pr [unreadable] .75
[Total] 20.75
March 30. 1839
Rec'd payment
Benjamin Whitfield"
Henry Tutwiler (Professor of Ancient Languages 1831-1837)
Receipt from The University of Alabama to A. Boreysson, April 20, 1837
"University of Alabama to A. Boreysson Dr.
To putting in forty and a half panes of glass, largest size, by Mr. Tutwiler's boy Francis, at fifty cents. (in Laboratory) $20.25
University April 20. The above is correct. [signed] A. Woods
[signed] W. D. Stone
Comprollers office
April 22nd 1837
Received the comptrollers warrant on the Treasury for twenty and 25/100 dollars, payable out of the University Funds, and being in full for the above account. [signed] A. Boreysson"
The University of Alabama
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