Freedom Status
Original Location
Living Location
At Mr. Townsend's (1847); at Mr. Biard's (1850)
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 155, Oct 11, 1847
"The President reported that he had provided for the board of the servant Arthur at Mr. Beard’s, in consideration of his services at meal times; and also for Sam at Mr. Townsend’s, on the same terms. Moses not being provided for, it was resolved that he be allowed five dollars a month, to board himself."
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848) image 225-226, May 7, 1848
"Finding that the plan of allowing Sam to board himself subjects him to the suspicion of pilfering, and may possibly lead to the temptation to do so, I have this day, May 7 made an arrangement with Mr. & Mrs. Baird to give him his meals for his services in waiting at the table during meals.
[226] Sam is to go to breakfast at Mr. Baird’s to-morrow morning, May 8th."
Receipt for payment from B. Manly, The University of Alabama, to Alex Baird, Dec 4, 1850
"Received, University of Alabama, Dec 4. 1850, of B. Manly, sixteen dollars and fifty cents, in full, for board of Sam & Arthur, from Oct. 7 1850, to Jany 1st. 1851; being at the rate of three dollars a month for each.
Alex. Baird"
Work Location
University of Alabama campus
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855), image 97, Oct 18, 1850
"Servant Sam is allowed to fit up a cellar (under the south end of the Washington building) as a barber's shop"
Property Value
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857) image 222, 1851 (final sale of Sam)
"The servant, Sam has proved refractory; and in pursuance of an order of the Faculty he was sold to Mr D. C. B. Connerly [former student - Pickinsville] on Feb 18 1851; for $800. The first payment, with interest to July 15th is in the hands of the undersigned, amounting to $413.60.
A note for the 2nd payment $400 with interest from the date, signed by D. C. B. Connerly & Henry U. B. Connerly is also in the hands of the undersigned, all subject to your order."
The University of Alabama
Basil Manly Diary II (1834-1846) image 154, March 11, 1839
"This day a servant by the name of Sam came to me by order of the Governor, to be tried as a servant for the university. I set him to work immediately, & discharge Prof. Barnard's man, Johnson."
Works with
Basil Manly Blue Book (1842-1843) image 29, Jan 28, 1843 (Sam & Scipio have a ball at Barnard's)
"Scipio & Sam had a subscription Ball at Barnards. Without my knowledge. Clements & Stansel, with others not known went there in a disguise after B had gone to bed. Scipio, resisting their wishes, was struck with a brick bat, and pretty badly hurt. Had I known of this thing, the party should not have been held."
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848) image 150, Mar 28, 1847 (Sam & Arthur joy ride)
"Sam & Arthur were driving about in a buggy on Sab. aft. Mar. 28 - around the dwellings of officers H - ordered that they be informed in case of their repeating that act, they will be chastized.
Foster 2, Inge, & Vaughan had a buggy also, like the other n*****s, and were driving furiously round the back lane of the dwellings & called Foster 2 coram nobis [before me] & gave him an admonition; first for breaking the sabbath, then for a disorder in the fury of their driving - then for invading the privacy of families."
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848) image 69, Mar 4, 1846 (Sam punished by Manly )
"March 4. This afternoon, the college boy, Sam, behaved very insolently to Thos G. Gascon; and refused to measure or receive a load of coal which Gascon had brought. By order of the Faculty he was chastized, in my room, in their presence. Not seeming humbled, I whipped him a second time, very severely."
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855) image 114, Feb 17, 1851 (Sam accused of beating an enslaved man named Tom and the students punish Sam)
"The fact was stated, at this meeting, that Sam, the college servt had beaten and injured an old man named Tom, in the service of Prof. Barnard on some altercation connected with the well.
The students also had taken Sam, & whipped him on Sat. evening - very many of them were around him - some 5 or 6 had switches and Lee was one that was using the switch.
Henry passed by; but did not ascertain the names of any more that were engaged.
Feb 19 Subsequent information leads me to think that Lee was not specially engaged except in catching him; although he may have been there.
The proposition was made at the dinner table on Saturday at Baird's - by Carter; that as the students had become security for his good behavior, when he was re-instated last year, Boyd had a right to whip him, they should proceed that afternoon to do it. It was generally assented to, by those at the table. McDow, also, & Carter took an active hand in whipping him.
Henry, Tutor, was passing by at the time & stood & heard Lee's name called; saw about 50 students around but took no further notice and passed on."
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855) image 115, Feb 21, 1851 ( Student whipped Sam, Sam arranged to be sold; students addressed)
"I learned, yesterday, that E. A. McWhorter, was one of those prominently engaged in whipping Sam. Lee helped to catch, but it is probably that McWhorter was quite prominent enough in the whipping to give him his full measure of accountability for it.
At a meeting of the faculty, held on thursday evening, of February 18, the faculty by formal vote authorized the sale of Sam to Mr. D.G.B. Connerly, at $800 – as to be chosen rather than take the risks incident to sale by a broker; - which must of course, be for cash
Addressed the students on the subject of their combining to whip Sam. I have now found that their chief actor, or some of them, and I advised those who were conscious of being engaged in it, to set themselves right before the Faculty on that subject, by conferring privately with some member of the faculty.
Jos. P. Wier was heard, at the Post-Office door, to say that he wishes the faculty to attempt the exculpation law in regard to the whipping of Sam; that he prefers to spend the remainder of the term at home, that there is too much to do, here, &c, &c. Others seemed to sympathize in this feeling."
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848) image 53, June 4, 1843 (Sam beaten by student named Saffold)
"M. J. Saffold feigned an order from me to servt Sam, to scald his bedstead. Sam replied that he knew I had not given any such order, as his room was not in the buildings of which he had charge. After other words, Saffold got a stick and struck him, hurt his head [54] considerably, also his arm: Saffold being called before the Faculty alleged that the servant was very insolent in his manner and refused to do where he ordered. Sam had no concern in the building where Saffold: - that building is attended by Moses. The faculty assembled, all present but Barnard, heard Saffold, and dismissed him from the University indefinitely. They also resolved that I should explain the case to the students – and investigate the conduct of Sam."
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 102, June 4, 1845 (Saffold beats Sam)
"Mr. G. Saffold, having beaten the college servant Sam, was called before the faculty, and requested to state the circumstances. He had feigned an order from the President to Sam to scald his bed stead. Sam denied his authority, and refused to do it. Saffold says this was said very insolently. He accordingly prepared himself with a stick, waylaid Sam, and beat him with a severe blow or two on the head and arm. This is the third time this student has beaten a college servant this year – and Sam having nothing to do in the building where Saffold stays, it seems gratuitous for him to meddle with that servant.
Resolved, therefore, that M. J. Saffold be indefinitely suspended from the University; and be required to leave Tuscaloosa in the stage which departs for Selma this evening."
Medical attention
Receipt for payment from Uni of Ala., for chemicals in 1844, bought by R. T. Brumby
[Portion from larger document]

"Feby 10 L. M. Meek for extracting servant-Sam's tooth $1.00"
Additional Records
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848) image 156, May 25, 1847 (Sam & Arthur convicted of fighting )
"Sam & Arthur, college servants were taken before the Mayor - Sam was convicted of engaging in a fight with Sam Hawkins a mulatto man belonging to Dr. Drish, on Sunday last, in the streets.
Both were about equally guilty; & both were ordered to receive 30 lashes.
Arthur was convicted of being present, aiding and abetting: and he was ordered to receive 15 lashes."
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855) image 7, Sept 30, 1848 (Order to sell Sam)
"Committed to Prof. Brumby & myself to sell Sam, at discretion; under an order for that purpose, made by the Trustees."
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855) image 64-65, Feb 11, 1850 (Decision to sell Sam, and decision rescinded at Sam's request )
"The Faculty, this day, resolved that they will sell Sam, the college servt. This college servant has been here since March 11 1839. He has always been impudent & hard to manage. It now appears that he was very impudent & insubordinate to Prof. Barnard, on Saturday, last. All things taken into the account, the Faculty thought it best to sell him. Prof Dockery thought that if he would bring no more, he might be willing to take him himself at $650. After reflection, I thought it best not to sell him to Prof. Dockery, at any price, as it w[oul]d lead to our reproach.
Upon taking advice from Gent. in town, especially Marion Banks, I determined to place him for sale in the hands of Alcy Clements - a mercht and negro trader here. I forthwith spoke to Clements, to sell him on commission; which he agreed to do. And I am to send Sam to him, to-morrow morning - if I can.
Sam went to Clements, by my order, on Tuesday Feb 12 1850
On Saturday Feb 16 Sam came to me overwhelmed with grief, begging to be taken back. After some conversation, I referred him to Prof. Barnard & Prof. Stafford.
At the Faculty meeting on Monday, Sam's case was brought up by Prof. Barnard. who expressed the belief that he is truly to penitent; and, when distinctly asked, he further said that he prefers to have Sam reinstated. Whereupon the Faculty rescinded the order to sell - Mond. Feb 18
As I have deferred to Prof. Brumby's wishes before, so I defer to Barnard now. My private opinion is that he should be sold, as a matter of policy. But, so far as any thing that I have to order to require from Sam is concerned, I am not afraid that he will disobey or displease me, personally, in any serious degree."
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855) images 105-106, Dec 12, 1850 (Letter to Prof. Barnard about hiring Sam)
"Having the approbation of Prof. Garland & Prof. Stafford to the measure, I this day wrote a note to Prof. Barnard, of which the following is a copy:

Prof. Barnard,
Have you maturely considered and made up your mind on, the suggestion you presented in the beginning of the term, about hiring Sam next year? If you still wish it, I see no material objection to the plan; provided, I can hire another and a suitable servant for the university, at a rate that is reasonable. That is, - you will take Sam, and have all the Laboratory service performed, furnsih his meals, pay $9 (half the annual allowance) toward his clothing, and half the wages quarterly, which I may have to pay for another servant.
On these terms I consent, if you are disposed to the same. The arrangement must be understood before your departure.
Dec. 12 1850 Yours H B.M.
P.S. The reason why I say, "furnish his meals," without reference to half the allowance made for board, is that I expect to get the college servants boarded next year, without charge, further than their services at meals, during term-time.

Barnard wrote to say that he had abandoned all idea of hiring Sam."
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855) image 119, Mar 19, 1851 (Asking students to report on whipping Sam)
"Spoke to the students, again, about whipping Sam; and again advized them to communicate with me or with some member of the Faculty.
J. A. Curry came to me & said that he was present that he had not been present at the beginning, and that he knew it was wrong. - I think he may be excused."
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857), image 319, 1853 (Final proceeds of Sam's sale
"As yet, no opportunity has offered of investing the proceeds of the sale of the servant, Sam, in the purchase of another servant.
The amount exists in two notes at interest, made payable to me "for the benefit of the Trustees of the University of Alabama" the one made by Jos. P. Turner of Tuskaloosa for $712.04 with interest & from April 16th 1853 - the other made by Leonard B. Neal of Tuskaloosa for $232.31, with interest from the 28th day of March 1853 - both together amounting, principal and interest, at the middle of the present month, to about $963.90"
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848) image 16, Dec 3, 1842 (Sam cleaning up)
"Found bills distributed by a negro & by little boys – Wallace & Whitfield hindering Sam from removing them out of Rotundo"
Basil Manly Diary III (1843-1848) image 228, May 20, 1848 (Coal stolen; Sam informant)
"I have ascertained on the authority of Prof. Docking, Stafford, & the boy Sam that Mr Brumby’s servants have been in the habit of getting all the coal they use for Three fireplaces out of the college supplies in the Laboratory cellar, nearly the whole of this winter. They take it day & night without measure or concealment; and take none but the large lumps. I have now had the cellar completely fastened; with a good lock on the door &c &c (Prof. B returned 3 bushels)"
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 41, June 16, 1842
"A bill of J. H. Dearing for clothing for college servant Sam, of $10.62 ordered to be paid"
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 78, May 2, 1844 (Sam not allowed to leave campus without permission)
"Resolved that the college servant, Sam, be ordered not again to leave the premises without the permission of the officer [Brumby] who has charge of him."
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 164, Mar 6, 1848 (Sam accused of "depredations" against "Mr. Forester's chickens"
"A complaint having been made against the college servant, Samuel, in regard to some depredations committed upon Mr. Forester’s chickens, the faculty determined to leave the matter to be examined into by the civil authorities, rather than to pronounce in it themselves. In case the complaint should be prosecuted, the president was requested to see that the servant had a fair hearing and defence.
In order to prevent the occurrence of similar difficulties, and the exposure of the servant to temptation, it was resolved to provide for his board at some place where he [165] might be under the eye of the faculty."
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 198, Feb 11, 1850 (decision to sell Sam)
"In consequence of the insubordinate disposition displayed at times, and particularly recently, by the college servant, Sam, the following resolution was adopted:
Whereas, the Trustees of the University at their meeting in July 1848, authorized the faculty in their discretion to sell the servant Sam, and whereas it appears that, in consequence of his ungovernable disposition, manifested in recent instances, it is no longer desirable to retain him in the possession of the University, therefore,
Resolved by the Faculty of the University of Alabama, that the President be authorized and requested to make inquiry in town of persons [199] interested in the matter, what amount the servant may be reasonably expected to bring, and that, in case nothing better present, he close with an offer of Prof. Dockery to purchase him at $650 – possession to be given this day."
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 212, Feb 17, 1851 (Sam allegedly violent towards another enslaved person)
"It was reported that the college servant, Sam, has been guilty of acts of unwarrantable violence on Saturday last towards another servant. The case appearing to be one of considerable gravity, and the faculty appearing to be unanimous in the opinion that the interests of the University would be best promoted by the removal of the servant, it was resolved that he be disposed of, as early as possible."
Faculty Minutes Record Book, Vol. 4, 1842-1854, image 213, Feb 18, 1851 (agreement to sell Sam)
"The faculty being in session as per adjournment yesterday, it was stated that Mr. Connerly offers to purchase the college servant Sam for $800 payable one half in July, and one half in twelve months. Whereupon, on motion, the faculty consented to the sale, on these terms."
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