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Invoice from Thomas Owen to Trustees of The University of Alabama, 1838
"The Trustees of the University of Ala:
To Thos. Owen
To 34 days work of his Boy Dick done on professors Brumby & Pratts Kitchens in the fall of 1838 at 1.00 per day $34

Above, I have stated the account heretofore presented more specifically, but as Col. Conner is not here, I cannot get his certificate which I presume will make no difference as the former amt: may be considered as applying to the above, being the same amt.
The whole work I am informed was done by my boy & one belonging to Terrill & Whitfield, and I have no writings to prove the account but Col. Conner, who I presume is competent. Mr Pattison informs me that he knew my boy worked there, that some kind of a stable which Col. Conner had put up, and which I learned the Trustees refused to pay for, was put up long before my boy was imployed. I have no further evidence except the statement of the boy himself who says all his work was done as above stated, but this cannot be regarded.
Respectfully &c.
Thos. Owen"
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University of Alabama campus
Dr. Thomas Owen
Receipt for payment from C. D. Connor, The University of Alabama, to Thomas Owen, December 14, 1838
"14th December 1838
The University of Alabama Dr to Thomas Owen Dr for works done by boy Richard on two kitchens for Professor Pratt and Brumby ... thirty four dollars - $34
I certify that the above work was done by Richard and is not included in any of the bills heretofore in hand.
C. D. Connor
John Prater"
The University of Alabama; Prof. Horace S. Pratt; Prof. Richard T. Brumby
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