Freedom Status
Living Location
With Marmaduke D. Williams and John D. Barr between 1830-31
Statement of expenses incurred by M. D. Williams to The University of Alabama, April 14, 1831
"To board the slave Ben - 12 weeks - $10"
Statement of expenses incurred by John D. Barr to The University of Alabama
"To board the [unreadable] of 2 months for university Ben $12.00
To 2 shirts and 2 panteloons and one pair shows for the same boy Ben and asked my guide [unreadable] to git them for week I paid four dollars and 24 cents for $5.25"
Work Location
The University of Alabama campus
The University of Alabama
Medical attention
Receipt for payment from The University of Alabama to Dr. John R. Drish, 1828-1829
"1828 & 1829 University of Alabama
To Jno R. Drish, Dr
Medical Services rendered
To Negro Man belonging to UV
For order of Hurra R. Field $13.00
The above a/c rendered some years ago & lost by the Secretary or never presented."
Receipt for payment from S. G. Frierson, The University of Alabama, to Drs. Griffin and Davenport, December 22, 1831
"Trustees of the University
To Drs Griffin & Davenport
Aug 23 1830 To medical services Rend. a slave Ben $4.25"
Receipt for payment from The University of Alabama to Henry A. Snow & Co., April 13, 1831
[Last line of longer receipt]
"April 6 [for] 1 pr course shoes for Ben $1.00"
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