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University of Alabama campus
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University of Alabama campus
Corps of Cadets
Mrs. H. W. Watson (of Montgomery, AL)
Landon Cabell Garland letterbook transcripts, vol. 1, 1862-1863, image 391, June 15, 1863
"Head Quarters
Unty of Alabama
Jun 15, 1863

The bearers, Gabe & Neal, belong to Mrs. Watson of Montgomery and are hired as musicians to the Alabama Corps of Cadets.
The Corps is at present dispersed by furlough – and I have allowed Gabe and Neal one month for visiting their relatives in Montgomery.
They will return on the 15th July.
They have relations also in Mobile and they desire to go to that place. I have no objection to their doing so.
They pay their own expenses.
L. C. Garland
Col. & Supt. Ala. Corps Cadets"
Landon Cabell Garland letterbook transcripts, vol. 1, 1862-1863, image 394, June 29, 1863
"Univ. of Ala.
June 29, 1863

Mrs. H. W. Watson
Dear Madam
Enclosed please find check on Cent. Bk. of Ala. for payment for hire of Gabe and Cornelius for May 63.
Please return with receipt.
Very Resply Yr.
L. C. Garland Supt."
The University of Alabama Corps of Cadets
RG 005, Acc 19807808, Box 002 - Vouchers. Bills and Receipts 1860-1867, Folder 17 –University Vouchers. Bills and Receipts. 1864

"Music Fund
To svts Gabe and Neal
For 1 1/2 months washing @ 4.00 $6.00
Paid July 16th 1864
P. F. Tricon Tr
U of Ala"
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Additional Records
RG005, Acc 19807808, Box 002, Vouchers. Bills and Receipts 1860-1867, Folder 15, Item 1

Request from John Hibbs for the treasurer to “pay [6] Gabe and Neal” for their service “for one and half months washing” up to Dec. 1, 1864.
RG 005, Acc 19809624, Box 001, Amount of expenditure for and on account of U. of A. since its inception, bonded indebtedness, financial statements, and treasurer reports, Folder 10, item 2

Inside white divider - Lee Barracks fund account from Nov. 1863 lists payments to Berry, Baker, and Alfred. Funds listed for guard room include payments to Tom, Baker, Gabe, Jim, and Edd and their board. Mess Hall report includes payment for hire of Lewis, the carpentry work of William, Tom and Jim, Baker’s work plastering and bricklaying, and the labor of [unknown starting with F], Anderson, and Gabe. Funds in association with Treasurer lists a payment to Dr. Guild’s for his “bill for servants.” Funds from barracks lists payments for the work of two bricklayers, Jim, and Tom.
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