Death Date
February 27, 1853
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857) image 299, Feb 27, 1853
"William died on Sunday night about a quarter past 12 o’clock.
As the body was to be removed, funeral services were performed in the Rotunda, at 9 o’clock of Monday morning. - Text Ps 102. 23 'He shortened my days.'"
Freedom Status
Died while enslaved
Work Location
University of Alabama Steward's Hall (present day Gorgas House)
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857) image 15, May 19, 1847
"I sent my boy, William, to the Steward Mr. Townsend, this morning, to be employed as a nurse &c. If he likes to keep him, he is to pay me three dollars a month, hire – and I am to find him in clothes. If he does not like to keep him, he is to send him back, and no harm is done."
Basil Manly (Second President of the University of Alabama 1837-1855)
University of Alabama
Hiram Peterson
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857) image 131, Dec 22, 1849
"William and Archy had been hired to Hiram Peterson, the last of November and Julia placed with J. D. Spiller, without hire, beside her victuals and clothes. each for a year from the time of their indenture. In each of the cases (of the last 3) I have papers drawn up specifying the terms."
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857) image 132, Jan 16, 1850
"William and Archy came home from Peterson’s - Wed. January 16, 1850 – and went back no more. They have not enough to do – have no proper superintendence and it is clear they will not meet the training that which they require."
Edward Prince
Basil Manly Diary V (1847-1857) image 185, Dec 27, 1850
"William and Archy this day report themselves to Mr. Ed. Prince; to whom they are hired for a year to come; they go down on a boat to his plantation in Maringo. - Started by land Jan. 1."
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