Freedom Status
Spouse of
Sophy (enslaver currently unknown)
Work Location
University of Alabama campus and Franklin Dormitory (present day The Mound)
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855) image 15, Nov 1, 1848 (suspected of stealing)
"On the night of Monday Sept. 4 [1848] Room no. 14 in the Franklin Dormitory (which had been made a place of general deposit for the effects of students [16] during vacation, under the charge of servt Arthur, employed about the Dormitories) was forcibly entered and goods to some amount were taken. The room was ordinarily inhabited by O. J. Prince, J. E. Prince, and J. H Houston; but was then vacant.
The goods taken, according to Arthur’s account, are the following
1 feather bed, belonging to W. C. & J. H. J. Williams
6 sheets “ A. Tomlinson & P. F. Hunley
1 sheet “ F. G. Henley
1 box candles (nearly full) Hunley, Tomlinson, & Burford
1 bed-spread “ Hunley
2 blankets “ John Moore
1 razor “ J. H. Nouston
2 blankets “ servt Arthur
1 knife “ “ “
There were many more articles in the room, cloaks, books, &c. These were all that were missing
From some circumstances suspicion has fallen on Archy, servt of Prof Stafford, & Buck, servt. Of E. B. Vaughan Esquire"
Samuel M. Stafford (Professor of Ancient Languages 1837-56)
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855) image 132, May 29, 1851 (Archy getting liquor)
"One day, last week, Dew was seen to receive liquor through the window of Archy’s room (Stafford’s servt) opening into the back lane. Without knowing the fact, by ocular evidence, I have no doubt that he constantly ministers to the vices of students in various ways – usually as to drink. This morning, a negro named Ed. employed in coloring the buildings was detected in bringing a gallon jug of liquor which he said was for Archy."
Additional Records
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855) image 16, Nov 4, 1848 (trial for stealing)
"The trial of those suspected person came on before Robert Blair chosen by myself, James L. Childress chosen by Prof. Stafford, and L. B. Neale chosen by Mr. Vaughan, as Referees. It was believed that if legal process were had they must be put on trial for their lives, before the circuit court and thus much expense & trouble incurred without necessity. Therefore this method was adopted.
The stories of the witnesses did not agree well together.
The knife taken from Buck was proven to be Arthur’s knife by his own testimony & that of Sam.
Archy attempted to prove that he was at Cribb’s on a spree, the night of the robbery – there was only his own assertion for this. Witnesses said that it was on the Saturday night following, & that he was at Capt Dyer’s playing cards till 2 o’clock the night of the robbery.
It was found that a bed had been at Gov Martin’s premises on the morning after the robbery, abt which no clear account has been given."
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855) image 18, Nov 7, 1848 (decision of guilt)
"I understand that the Referees in this case have decided that Archy & Buck are both guilty; & that they are to receive 39 lashes each. The owners to choose whether it shall be in public or in private.
The wives of Archy & Buck, Sophy & Lucy Ann, are judged worthy of the same – but after stripping them as if to be whipped are to be let go.
Gov. Martin ascertained very fully to his satisfaction & that of his brother Peter, who heard the evidence & assisted him in the examination of his own servts.
That Lucy Ann has all the beds now she ever had.
Mr. Vaughan also is satisfied of Buck’s guilt; & thinks that Archy led him into it.
I do not hear that the Referees claim any reparation for the stolen property."
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855) image 207, Dec 6, 1852 (Archy involved in turkey stealing)
"On friday night last, Moses tells me that he saw Lowe take down a turkey from its roost in his yard – that he traced him to his room, and distinctly ascertained that it was he – that, soon after, he saw Prof. Stafford’s man, Archy, go to the room that Lowe and another student walked with him across the campus toward town, telling him that he must bring the turkey, properly dressed to his room on Sat. night at half nine, - Archy swearing that he would do it. It was too dark to see whether he was then in possession of the turkey. The supper was had on sat. night."
Basil Manly Diary IV (1848-1855) image 208, Dec 13, 1852 (Archy involved in meals for students)
"Lowe denies that he had a supper in his room, on sat. night Dec. 4th – denies encouraging Archy to bring him suppers. I warned him about Archy, - and he said he would take my advice."
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